EPA Expands Recognition of 3M LeadCheck

March 29, 2012

Lead-certified contractors can now use 3M LeadCheck swabs to check for the presence of lead on drywall and plaster, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Previously, it was only accepted for use on wood and ferrous metal surfaces under the lead Renovation, Repair and Painting rule.

Now, according to EPA's website, there are two available options–the LeadCheck and D Lead test kits–for contractors to check wood, ferrous metal, drywall and plaster substrates. Additionally, there is a state of Massachusetts test kit available for use on drywall and plaster. 

EPA notes that all test kits must be used following the manufacturers’ instructions for the applicable substrate. Updated instructions have been issued for 3M LeadCheck kits that must be used when testing plaster and drywall, it is also noted.