EPA Plans to Keep Most Efficient Windows Criteria for Next Year

July 29, 2013

In an announcement covering all product categories within the Energy Star Most Efficient program, the Environmental Protection Agency says it plans to maintain most 2013 product criteria, including residential windows, through 2014. The only changes planned cover televisions.

Climate Zone U-factorSHGC
Northern ≤ 0.20≥ 0.20
North-Central ≤ 0.20≤ 0.40
South-Central ≤ 0.20≤ 0.25
South ≤ 0.20≤ 0.25

The current Energy Star Most Efficient criteria for residential windows include a U-factor of less than or equal to 0.2 throughout the country, with solar heat gain coefficient requirements varying across the four Energy Star climate zonesWindows must also be certified to meet the North American Fenestration Standard/Specification (NAFS) with a Performance Grade ≥ 15. 

For 2013, 344 window models from 40 manufacturers met the Most Efficient criteria, EPA reports.

EPA will hold a stakeholder webinar on Thursday, August 22, from 11AM to 1 PM Eastern Time to discuss the proposed 2014 recognition criteria. Those interested in participating are asked to register at mostefficient@energystar.gov by Thursday, August 15. Written comments on the 2014 criteria are also being accepted at the same address through September 6.  EPA plans to finalize the 2014 recognition requirements in September.