Thompson Creek Hosts President Obama

January 7, 2011

Maryland-based vinyl window manufacturer Thompson Creek Window Co. hosted President Barack Obama today for a tour of its facility with Rick Wuest, CEO and president.  The company served as a backdrop for the President to discuss the latest unemployment statistics and announce several White House appointments.

The President gets a first-hand look at window assembly operations at Thompson Creek.–White House Photo

"It is wonderful to be here at Thompson Creek, and I want to thank Rick for showing me how you manufacture more efficient windows at this factory," the President said in his remarks. "Building this business has been an extraordinary accomplishment for the Wuest family. And it speaks not only to him -- it also speaks to all the employees here today, the hardworking men and women who make this company work. And it speaks to the promise of America. It’s the idea that if you’ve got a dream and you’re willing to work hard, then you can succeed."

The White House chose Thompson Creek because it had taken advantage of its tax policies related to hiring and investing in new equipment, as well as the the $1,500 tax credit for energy efficient windows and doors.  "Government can’t guarantee Thompson Creek or any business will be successful, but government can knock down barriers like a lack of affordable credit or high costs for investment or high costs for hiring -- we can do something about that. Government can remove obstacles in your path," Obama stated.  "And that’s why we cut taxes for small businesses over the last two years. For example, with a tax break for hiring unemployed workers, Thompson Creek was able to grow its workforce from 200 employees to nearly 300 employees in just one year. And it took advantage of the tax credits that we put into place. We also passed a tax credit for products like energy-saving windows, and that led to a 55 percent boost in the sales at this firm."

“It was definitely an honor and a change of pace for us to host the President and the White House Press Corps," said Thompson Creek's Wuest. "Being selected by the White House as the location for announcements on the economy is exciting for all of our employees, and being showcased as a company that is able to thrive in these challenging conditions is validation of our hard work that has created a lot of jobs and kept us on a strong growth path.”