WDDA Meets with DOE on Home Energy Scores

April 7, 2011

Looking for a “seat at the table,” Window & Door Dealers Alliance representatives visited the Department of Energy yesterday to learn more about the agency’s plans for the Home Energy Score program. “By providing homeowners with a home energy efficiency rating, the program is designed to encourage energy efficient upgrades,” explains David Walker, WDDA VP. “That’s something our industry can support but WDDA members felt we needed to get a better understanding of the project and offer our input.”

 THV's Larry Smith was one of WDDA's representatives meeting with DOE's Joan Glickman and SRA's Glenn Dickey.

Larry Smith, CEO of THV Compozit Windows & Doors, and Rick Jones of Stanek Windows joined Walker in the Washington, D.C., meeting with Joan Glickman, HES program manager for DOE, and Glenn Dickey of SRA International Inc., a firm DOE has contracted to work on the project. WDDA representatives went in with a lot of questions to learn how replacement windows and doors fit in with the program, Jones reports.

Some questions concerned who will be performing the audits, what software and analysis tools they will be using and how the list of recommendations will be determined, he continues. WDDA also wanted to know how HES might tie in with Energy Star Windows and/or DOE’s R-5 program, he adds.

One specific concern raised with Glickman and Dickey was language in the program that limits recommendations to upgrades with a payback of 10 years or less, Walker notes. While nothing was decided at the meeting, Glickman welcomed WDDA’s input and indicated a willingness to address such concerns, he adds.

"I'm encouraged,” reports THV’s Smith, who has also been trained and certified as home energy performance rater. “There is a very strong opportunity to strengthen the role of window and doors within the Home Energy Score criteria. And by the program placing even greater ROI on the value of windows, the net result will be greater energy efficiency for the country as a whole."

"I thought we as members of the WDDA were able to establish the beginning of dialog with DOE to create a cooperative effort in support of the Home Energy Score Program," adds Stanek’s Jones. “As dealers at the retail level, we work hand in hand with homeowners on a variety of home improvement projects, including energy efficient replacement windows. We could assist with consumers’ awareness of the HES Program through WDDA marketing efforts. This could be an opportunity to rally 20,000 independent dealers around projects that reduce our dependency on foreign oil and create new jobs as homeowners upgrade their homes.”

“The meeting was a good first step,” concludes WDDA’s Walker. “WDDA has been asked to provide feedback on a number of fronts and we look forward to working with DOE.”