Quanex Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

Window & Door
February 19, 2018
Green Tech Lighting LLC of Clinton Township, Michigan, awarded Quanex Building Products with an Environmental Stewardship Award for reducing energy consumption through the use of advanced energy efficient technology.
Quanex Building Products is expected to cut its light-related electricity consumption by 60 percent. Green Tech Lighting’s technology is expected to decrease the kilowatt-hours Quanex Building Products uses for lighting by 2,773,303 kWh annually. The company replaced all of its fluorescent light fixtures with American-made Orion Energy Systems LED energy-saving technology. The project was engineered and installed by Green Tech Lighting LLC.
“We saw this as an opportunity to do something innovative, effective and environmentally responsible,” says Todd Haney, director of operations, Quanex Building Products. “We’re happy to be honored with Green Tech’s Environmental Stewardship Award.”
Quanex Building Products reports that it will indirectly decrease carbon dioxide emissions by 1.708 tons per year over the lifecycle of Green Tech Lighting’s fixtures. During that same period, Quanex Building Products will reduce 3.665 tons of sulfur dioxide and 1.551 tons of nitrogen oxides, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.
The greenhouse gas emission reductions are the air-scrubbing equivalent of a 508-acre forest, according to the EPA. The emission reductions are also said to equate to saving 228,938 gallons of gasoline every year.