Dealers Start Getting Word Out About Lead

April 27, 2010

With the new federal lead paint laws going into effect, many window and door dealers are stepping up efforts to educate the public about the dangers of lead paint dust, the requirements of the law, and their readiness to comply.  Two such companies, Window World Inc. and Feldco Factory Direct, sent out press releases last week, highlighting the fact that they lead-certified and that homeowners should choose companies that can make their homes "safer and healthier."

Window World, which says it is the nation’s largest replacement window company, says it has received Environmental Protection Agency certification for lead-based Repair, Renovation and Painting at all of its more than 200 locations around the country.  “Though many companies in the industry such as Window World are diligently meeting EPA requirements, it’s important for homeowners to take a proactive approach to the new regulation,” emphasizes Dana Deem, the Window World vice president who oversaw the company’s EPA certification. “Homeowners, particularly those with a high risk of lead exposure, seeking renovation work from third-party contractors should confirm that the vendor is a Lead-Safe Certified Firm.”

Feldco, which serves markets in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana, reports it fully EPA certified at all of its locations, and has also received EPA accreditation as a RRP training provider. "Home replacement companies have known these new regulations were coming since 2008, so Feldco is leading the way in making this transition hassle-free for our customers," says Doug Cook, Feldco president. "We are doing all the preparation on our end to ensure that our customers will feel safe and worry-free as we update the safety, quality and beauty of their homes. Homeowners should still educate themselves on these new EPA requirements not only so they abide by the new laws, but to reduce lead exposure to themselves and their families. The way we do our work may be different, but it will be safer and healthier for everyone."

“Although the new EPA law creates changes for our business, we have embraced it,” says Window World's Deem. “This is an important step to ensure the safety and health of individuals with a risk of lead exposure during a renovation.”

Of note, Feldco says it does not plan to raise its prices with the new procedures in place.  "We hope that with our experience and our expertise that we will be able to provide the additional materials and work required without increasing our prices at all," Cook reports. "Most companies are talking about increases of hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for home improvement projects. But we think we have the technical capability and skilled employees to be able to provide this enhanced service without increasing the price to the homeowner."