Sherwin Williams Offers Color Trends Forecast

January 23, 2010

In its annual color forecast, paint and coating producer Sherwin-Williams sees 2010 colors taking cues from the hues of the past. “In uncertain times, we find comfort in the memories and traditions that provide us with a sense of solid ground,” says Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. “Color plays a key role in triggering our nostalgia, and our trend forecast reflects the rediscovery of the sights, sounds, smells―and colors―of the past.”

The company’s color experts have selected 24 shades, grouped into four collections, they expect will appeal to consumers particularly in the coming year.

The “Rooted” collection draws inspiration from the world’s oldest, most enduring civilizations, including the rich, dynamic colors of aboriginal, African and Native American cultures. “As today’s economy continues to shift our sense of stability and control, we’re seeing people turn to reliable and trusted elements of life, such as family and close circles of friends,” Jordan explains.

“The Rooted collection represents this trend with colors that stem from tribal influences and evoke feelings of comfort, strength and security.” These colors mix the natural with the bold and vibrant and range from neutral tones to saturated colors.

Beyond reconnecting to our roots, today’s financial strains are leading us to rediscover the treasures of yesteryear. “By making more resourceful use of what we already have, we uncover a rich collection of historical items to surround ourselves with as we update our spaces,” Jordan says. “In our rediscovery, we are often surprised and energized to find a beautiful palette of colors inspired by our heirlooms.”

This color trend is reflected in the paint manufacturer's “Treasured” collection of colors, evoking the warm, comforting memories of times past. Many of the colors are muted shades of brighter tones.

The third group, the “Simplified” collection, embodies a “less is the new more” spirit, Jordan says. “The colors in this collection appear simple on the surface, but are complex when given a closer look,” she notes. “The Simplified palette reflects the current trend to pare down the extravagancies in our lives, but the hues still allow for intricate and elegant designs.”

The fourth grouping of colors the company expects will appeal to consumers is the "Refreshed" collection, said to feature vibrant and forward colors to evoke a sense of optimism for the future.
“The exuberant shades of Refreshed enliven the spirit and turn our focus to more carefree days,” Jordan adds. “While not as saturated as some accent colors of collections past, these hues still reflect the optimism that can always be found within us, even as we navigate challenging times.”