Stanek Sees Rise in Business from Single Women

June 8, 2012

Based on analysis of its business over the past several years, Stanek Window is seeing a shift to more homeownership by one-person, single female households. The Cleveland-based window manufacturer also points to demographic studies, which suggest that by 2015, more than two out of every five households occupied by Generation Y people–those born between 1981 and 1999–will be women with incomes and no kids, or WINKs.

“As amazing as the statistics are, very few remodeling and repair companies focus on female only ownership,” says Rick Jones, Stanex president. “I remember in the 1980s when I entered the business, the trend was to always require both the husband and wife to be present when making a decision.”

 Woman are paying more attention to windows and doors, according to Stanek.

Women are paying more attention to their windows and doors, the company reports. Stanek also sees them approaching the purchase somewhat differently, as women will research more then men before inviting a salesperson into their home, using the Internet to develop ideas, product, and company provider information.

The manufacturer recommends to female buyers to make sure any company they work with has a reputation for quality and service, as well as one of integrity. “Construction services remains male dominated so a level of trust must be present,” says Jones. “You should always ask for references before the first visit so references can be checked beforehand.”

Stanek also advises women homeowners to beware of deep discounts or multiple price drops as an enticement to buy. Reputable, service minded companies have costs and cannot offer big discounts, the manufacturer states. 

As sellers, it is important to have trustworthy people representing them in the home at time of sale and later at time of installation, Stanek executives note. Home improvement contractors need to make sure all employees will bring care and respect to the home so all work is performed to the highest quality standards and the home is cleaned and cleared of debris upon work completion.