Therma-Tru Sees Growing Demand for Decorative Lites

October 24, 2011

Based on independent research studies conducted over the past several years, homeowner demand for decorative glass doorlites in their main entrance doors is on the rise, reports Therma-Tru. According to the door maker, the studies also show that females, who are driving the overall door style selection process, prefer contemporary and simplistic glass designs as compared to center cluster and craftsman door glass designs.

Consistently in the Harris Interactive studies, female respondents preferred flowing leaf patterns identified as contemporary styles, thus leading Therma-Tru to introduce its new Avonlea decorative glass offering in early 2011, it notes. The glass design is inspired by the simple beauty found in nature and features clear baroque glass with fluid lines in a free-flowing leaf pattern accented with bronze water glass and black nickel caming.  

“Research conducted for Therma-Tru by Harris Interactive in 2009 shows a 58 percent preference for doorlites in an entry door by homeowners,” says Frank Lin, Therma-Tru market insights manager. “Just a year later a similar study was held by the same research firm that showed the percentage had risen to 60 percent. These findings indicate a growing preference amongst homeowners in adding the decorative appeal of glass in their front entrances."

Additional research conducted by Customer Profiles Ltd. in 2010 supports the Harris Interactive results. In that study, 62 percent of the responding females indicated their preference for a front door style that includes a decorative glass panel. A slightly lower number–56 percent–of male respondents indicated their preference for a decorative glass panel in a front door.

The Harris Interactive research sponsored by Therma-Tru is further supported by studies conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction Research and Analytics in 2009 that showcases the major reason for selecting a brand of exterior door are the aesthetics that a company offers in its exterior door product offering, the manufacturer notes. The same research shows that females influence 62 percent of the exterior door style selections for purchasing replacement doors in the home.

“The cumulative research clearly shows us that builders and remodelers hoping to satisfy the desires of homeowners need to target the female head of the house by showcasing entry doors with decorative door glass in contemporary patterns,” says Lin. “While door material is still a key factor in a door selection process, the decorative door glass design is becoming a stronger influencer for homeowners.”

Therma-Tru has responded to homeowner appreciation of decorative glass doorlites findings over the years by introducing new glass designs on a regular basis. More than 30 options currently exist for homeowners to customize their entrance doors with stylish decorative glass doorlites. “From colored glass to obscure privacy glass to elegant glass bevels, the product offerings from Therma-Tru sets the company apart in the marketplace,” says Lin.