Warm Edge Spacer Market to Hit $700 Million by 2024

Window & Door
March 13, 2018
According to a new research report by the market research and strategy consulting firm Global Market Insights Inc., the Warm Edge Spacer Market will exceed $700 Million by 2024. The report found that strengthening government initiatives to ensure net-zero emissions buildings will drive the global warm edge spacer market.
"The robust energy efficient building construction is primarily attributed to the introduction of the rigorous energy performance Passive House standard across the nation," reads a release from GMI. "The implementation of the legislation can correspond to ultra-low energy buildings with minimal energy requirements for space heating or cooling."
The residential warm edge spacer market will witness a sturdy growth, according to the study, predominantly driven by increasing urban population, an expanding construction sector and growing measures toward energy conservation. The spacers’ ability to prevent thermal bridges and achieve substantial energy and heating cost savings will reportedly positively impact the business landscape.
The report also finds that the flexible product segment is predicted to witness a growth of over 7 percent by 2024. “Operational suitability, optimum thermal insulation and enhanced longevity are the some of the distinguishing features that exemplify the product’s supremacy over the other counterparts,” GMI reports, and says that the ability to offer enhanced U-Value, reduced sealant stress and warmer sightline will further fuel the product adoption.