Fensterbau Opens Today in Germany

March 21, 2012
Meetings & Events

Nuremberg, Germany–Several halls filled with manufacturing equipment, and hundreds of exhibitors showcasing the latest technologies in hardware, vinyl systems, and many other components, have brought window and door manufacturers from around the world here today for the opening of Fensterbau/Frontale. The biennial event, which runs through Saturday at the N├╝rnbergMesse, is expected to draw more than 100,000 people. 

 Vinyl and wood products incorporating triple glazing and other energy efficient upgrades are being highlighted in Germany. 

Window & Door will feature a full report on the event next week, but an initial view of the show floor suggests that window and door manufacturers and component suppliers in Europe are focused on energy performance. Triple glazing is more common throughout the show's halls than in previous years.  

Also boosting energy efficiency are more warm-edge spacer systems and wood frame and sash components incorporating hollows. Vinyl extruders and manufacturers are taking a variety of steps to upgrade their systems, showing alternatives to metal reinforcements and a variety of insulating materials within the profiles.

Such efforts are clearly the result of continued efforts by Germany and other European countries to strengthen energy performane codes. The standards of Germany's Passivhaus Institute are clearly playing a growing role in the market here as well, as the organization is referenced frequently in booths at the show.

A door equipped with a fingerprint reader 

This year's Fensterbau also suggests that electronic door hardware is gaining momentum in the European market.  Most notable among the products may be doors equipped with fingerprint-reading devices to operate locks. Also shown at previous shows, these devices now seem common in the displays of numerous door makers.

Hardware suppliers are featuring much more, of course, as are the many other exhibitors at this year's show.  A more detailed report, including highlights in new machinery introductions, new coating and finish options and other emerging technologies will be featured with next week's WDweekly.   

Window & Door prepared an earlier preview of some of the products being showcased in Germany. More information on the show and exhibitors is also available at www.ask-frontale.de.