Gas Filling Webinar Next Week

November 28, 2011
Meetings & Events

Integrated Automation Systems, which has worked with industrial gas giant Praxair for the past two years, is hosting a webinar next Tuesday, December 6, reviewing current challenges and new options in gas filling insulating glass units. The session, set for 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, will describe the processes used in the company’s OptiGas gas filling system, introduced earlier this year.

“IG fabricators know argon as not insulating enough and krypton as too expensive” says Mike McHugh of Integrated Automation Systems, who will lead the presentation. “But the gases aren’t the problem. It’s the current gas-filling process.”

Limitations of current systems include cumbersome filling of argon and krypton in the same air space, inability to tune in sweet spot U-values, inferring gas content by what spills out during filling, not verifying thermal conductivity and wasting more krypton than remains in units, McHugh says. “The systems in use today are error-prone and inexact,” he continues. “Typically, they limit your options to argon, krypton or premix, but low yields discourage the use of krypton. You should be able to balance the benefits without throwing half the gas down the drain.”

The webinar is titled “How to make gas filling a precise, tunable, efficient, flexible and verifiable marketing asset.” Regristration information is available at the Integrated Automation Systems' website,