GlassBuild America 2017 Opens

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September 12, 2017
Meetings & Events

GlassBuild America 2017 opened Tuesday, Sept. 12, after the unusual challenge of Hurricane Irma.  GBA extended the show hours on Wednesday and Thursday to maximize customer contact for exhibitors delayed by weather.

Ken Mariotti of Woodland Windows and Doors introduced the GlassBuild Opening Session, held in the wake of Irma and the anniversary of 9/11, and noted the contribution of the industry. Mariotti said, “Glass and fenestration industries have developed systems that protect life and property, and we need to tell the story every day.”

Tuesday's events included the opening session with Cam Marston, Express Learning sessions from numerous industry experts, the 12th Annual Glazing Executives Forum and the opening of Window & Door Dealer Days.


Generational expert Cam Marston spoke on managing the multi-generational workplace. Understanding the characteristics of each generation is critical in a workplace of Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and #Millennials, said Marston, as the different generations often define success differently and have different work preferences. Managers need to determine which preferences matter to the success of their business, and which are only there for comfort. Letting go of unnecessary preferences will improve the multi-generational workplace. Read Marston’s article about multi-generational workplaces is in the September issue of Glass Magazine,

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Exhibitors were ready and excited to take part, despite the weather, demonstrating that industry spirit: 

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