GlassBuild America Off to Good Start

September 15, 2010
Meetings & Events

Las Vegas, Nev.—More window and door manufacturers will be gearing up to boost energy efficiency performance numbers, judging by the activity at GlassBuild America, which kicked off yesterday. The event, which continues today and tomorrow, featured relatively busy aisles with organizers reporting more than 6,700 registered attendees after the first day.

PPG was highlighting a dual-pane IG design said to be capable of helping window manufacturers achieve R-5 performance.

"It was a very encouraging first day," reported Edgetech I.G.'s Larry Johnson. "We're excited to see so many customers decided to make the investment and come. It bodes well for the future." IG component suppliers and vinyl extruders at the Las Vegas Convention Center were among the busiest exhibitors, with many talking to manufacturers about producing windows meeting R-5 and other increasingly stringent energy performance criteria.

"We expect to generate a lot of interest in our new line," reported Steve Dillon of Veka Inc., which was launching its new elements vinyl window system. Featuring a wider glazing cavity to accommodate triple glazing, the new line provides a great deal of versatility as well, as fabricators can use a variety of reinforcing and insulating materials in the framing.  

One concept that a number of exhibitors were highlighting was the ability to reach R-5 performance levels with two panes of glass rather than three.  PPG Industries featured a dual-pane unit incorporating its Intercept Ultra spacer system and its low-E coatings.  Deceuninck also featured a vinyl window design in its booth meeting the R-5 criteria with two panes of glass.  Eliminating the need to go to triple pane to meet R-5 performance criteria has obvious appeal to many manufacturers, and it is a concept many at the show are anxious to learn about, explained Truseal Technologies' Ric Jackson. "We're not advocating for dual pane or triple pane for R-5," he noted. "We want to make customers aware of their choices and educate them about the alternatives." 

Extruder introductions include Veka's new elements line, designed for performance and versatility,
and a new stainable finish options from P.H. Tech.

Not all the emphasis was on R-5. P.H. Tech was introducing a new stainable vinyl finish.  A woodgrain texture is applied to the vinyl by the extruder, which offers four stains that fabricators can apply themselves to the vinyl.  It not only offers a high-end wood look, but it provides a cost competitive alternative to woodgrain laminates, reported the company's Dominique Dubois. The supplier was also featuring a new aluminum clad vinyl window system.

With about 400 exhibitors in more than 1,000 booths, this week's GlassBuild features a long list of window and door industry suppliers, including not only suppliers of vinyl and glass components, but also producers of hardware, software, equipment and other components.  Look next week for a more detailed report on new introductions and news from the show.