Innovation Theme Headlines AAMA Annual Conference

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February 26, 2013
Meetings & Events

AAMA's 76th Annual Conference is still underway in Tucson, AZ, where fenestration industry leaders have gathered to discuss how they can improve their companies and meet challenges in today's economic, political and regulatory climate.

Keynote speaker, Robert Tucker, author of "Innovation is Everybody's Business," outlined strategies for being a "3.0" innovator and integrated three AAMA members' business experiences into his presentation to illustrate his recommendations.

Economist Dr. Esmael Adibi answered the question on everyone's mind, namely, is the housing market recovery for real―it is―and described the impact of monetary and fiscal policies on the country's future growth and well-being.

The association recognized the achievements and contributions of several of its hardworking volunteer members and reported plans to extend unexpired AAMA product certification. The Regulatory Affairs Committee updated its activities on behalf of the fenestration industry, covering many important code and regulatory topics, including the tax credits, green certification, the FTC's "Made in America" claim, the EPA's Chemical Safety and Reporting, Energy Star 6.0, DOE funding and school safety legislation.

WDweekly will cover these issues in more detail next week.