GuildQuality Serving More Window Companies

March 20, 2012

Started in 2002 targeting builders, GuildQuality serves a network of about 700 construction industry companies, surveying their customers and providing feedback on their operations. The Atlanta-based company has diversified over the past five years, and now counts a growing number of remodelers, replacement contractors and window manufacturers among its clientele. 

"Window replacement companies are a growing percentage of our business," reports Mark Miles, COO, who estimates the firm now works with about 150 companies involved in the window and door business. One reason for the growth, he notes, is the partnerships GuildQuality has established with two window manufacturers–Pella Corp. and Soft-Lite LLC–to support their dealers.

Soft-Lite dealers using GuildQuality include Guida Door & Window, Keystone Windows of Pennsylvania, Kingsford Siding Windows & Patio Rooms, Larmco Windows & Siding, Unique Home Solutions, WeatherTite Windows and Window Nation. GuildQuality is also a recommended supplier to Pella's Certified Contractor Network.

 GuildQuality's service enables companies to present a customer scorecard and recent reviews online.  

GuildQualitfy's basic service is to survey construction industry company's customers using email, mail and telephone. Companies then use the results in a variety of ways, Miles explains. Those responses may be used to address quality issues on the whole. Customers may look across locations, across installer crews, or by salesmen to see where improvements can be made.  The system also allows companies to address individual issues that emerge in survey results. "When a remodeler or a contractor goes back and fixes something that comes up in a survey, it really makes an impression on the customer," he notes.

"We review each and every survey," says George Schaub, director of marketing at Thompson Creek Windows, another GuildQuality customer. The third-party customer feedback "helps us to track our progress toward delivering an exceptional customer experience," he states.

"Whenever we have a situation where a customer thinks we could have done better, we present the customer's comments to the manager responsible for that particular part of the business," Schaub continues. "This manager is responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction, and following up with our customer, when necessary. Additionally, we always ask ourselves what we can do differently to prevent this situation from happening again."

The survey results also serve as a marketing tool for GuildQuality customers. "Everyone talks quality. The question is how do you prove it," Miles states. "GuildQulity survey results provide that proof."  The company also works to be proactive in helping its customers share the quality message. It provides an online scorecard, and also helps share positive reviews via the web and social media outlets.

“GuildQuality is simply a fantastic marketing tool that offers a way for Soft-Lite dealers to improve their service and grow sales,” says Roy Andersen, Soft-Lite president. “If you’re doing something well, why not tell the world?”

Soft-Lite's executives value GuildQuality’s real-time, web-based customer feedback. “The immediate feedback helps me identify and quickly resolve any concerns," Andersen notes. "If something is wrong I can quickly alert my dealers and their installers. Homeowners will not often say that they’re unhappy with the worker standing right there, and that’s why GuildQuality’s customer satisfaction surveying is so important,” he notes.

"We want to deliver the best possible customer experience and these surveys are a key component for measuring our success," Thompson Creek's Shaub reports.  GuildQuality customers tend to share those types of high standards, notes Miles. 

"The companies that use our service tend to self-select. They are generally already quality-focused operations with an eye to continuous improvement before they come to us."  GuildQuality does not screen customers, he adds, however. "We're delighted when a company that has quality issues comes to us.  In some ways, we can do more for them."  

Miles says that his favorite questions in the survey are "Where did we exceed expectations?" and "Where did we fall short of expectations?"  These often provide the most insightful answers to GuildQuality clients, he says.

The most important benchmark of the surveys is "Would you recommend this company to someone?", Miles states. For remodeling and replacement contractors overall, the answer is yes about 65 percent of the time, he reports. The answer to that question is yes for GuildQuality companies, he continues, more than 90 percent of the time.