All Weather Opts for Green Electricity

May 11, 2010

All Weather Windows is choosing green electricity for its commercial division in Alberta with Bullfrog Power, Canada’s 100 percent green electricity provider. The Edmonton-based window and door manufacturer joins a growing list of organizations in Alberta choosing local wind power to reduce their environmental footprint and support the province’s growing renewable power industry, company officials note.

“People increasingly want to do business with organizations that embrace green initiatives,” said Aaron Latimer, All Weather's director of marketing communications. “Choosing Bullfrog Power is an important piece of our environmental strategy and we are delighted to be supporting green power generated right here in Alberta.”

Through the agreement, Bullfrog’s generators inject wind power onto the regional grid to match the amount of power All Weather Window’s commercial division in Alberta uses. In Alberta, the power comes from local wind power facilities that have been EcoLogo certified by Environment Canada.

The move toward green energy complements All Weather Windows’ existing environmental strategy that extends throughout its operations, officials note. The company’s products carry the Energy Star label and are designed for maximum thermal efficiency. Lean manufacturing processes are implemented throughout the plant to increase the overall efficiency of its operations, and the waste heat from its heat ovens is used to warm the plant.

The company also has a comprehensive recycling program, which includes recycling cardboard, polyurethane insulated door panels and polyvinyl chloride, a widely-used plastic. In 2009, All Weather Windows was recognized by the Recycling Council of Alberta during its annual conference for taking a leadership role in workplace reductions of waste, recycling and resource conservation.

“We are pleased that this environmentally aware manufacturer is now bullfrogpowered with 100 percent green electricity,” says Theresa Howland, VP, Western Region, Bullfrog Power. “Reducing its environmental footprint and supporting the development of local wind power with Bullfrog Power demonstrates that All Weather Windows is committed to taking action on the environment and is a real leader in its industry.”