Austrian Government Honors Lisec

June 4, 2012

The Lisec Group, the supplier of flat glass processing equipment, was recently honored with the Clean Technology Austria State Prize 2012.  In May, Doris Bures, Austria's Minister of Technology presented Karl Gruber, Lisec CEO, and Leopold Mader, head of research and development, the award for the company's efforts in thin glass technology.

Specifically, the company was recognized for its innovative tempering technology that provides greater mechanical stability and increased flexibility in thin glass, which can be used to significantly reduce the weight of triple glazed units. Lightweight, flexible but still robust glass sheets without optical distortions are not only beneficial window and door applications, but also for photovoltaic and solar applications, the company points out. 

“Winning this award is something we can be very proud of,” said Gruber. "It is testament to our innovative strength and shows that we are on the right path."

“Innovation distinguishes us from others, as our customers know," added Mader. "Our innovation also makes us an attractive employer for talented engineers who bring new ideas to the table," Mader continues.

Last year, Lisec celebrated its 50 year anniversary. The company also achieved a 25 percent increase in sales for the 2011 calendar year, officials note. It is optimistic for 2012, Gruber also states. “The year has started slowly, just like others did before it. But the State Prize 2012, and the Düsseldorf trade show in October give us great momentum going into the second half of the year and we are enthusiastic about the future.”