BFRich Hosts Green Event

March 27, 2009

Vinyl window maker BFRich recently opened its doors to customers, community and business leaders and homeowners for a Delaware "Green Drinks" event. Designed to bring together people who share a passion for the environment, sustainable/green living, energy efficiency, green power, green transportation, environmental legislation and advocacy, the event was hosted by Lori Monroe Lake of and

Chris Lorber, BFRich VP of sales, opened the presentation portion of the evening by welcoming the nearly 100 attendees with information on the 2009/2010 energy efficiency tax credit and its expected impact.  “Not only will these energy efficient products provide eligibility for homeowners to receive up to a $1,500 tax credit, they will also contribute to the conservation of natural resources, less dependence on foreign oil and the reduction of CO2 emissions into our environment,” he stated.

Darryl Huber, director of commercial & architectural projects as well as the current president of the Northeast Window and Door Association, told attendees how NWDA has played an active role of communicating with our legislative bodies as a resource of information to aide policy makers on our national energy policies.

“BFRich is very humble in the way they present themselves," noted Lake in her closing remarks. The Newark, Del., based company manufactured an energy efficient product, she said, adding, "They don’t play up the factors of how green they are in their business or about their corporate sustainability plan. As big of a company as they are, they generate a minimal amount of waste.”

The BFRich event drew about 100 customers, community and business
leaders and homeowners interested in green issues.