Buffelen Celebrates Centennial Year

May 21, 2013

Buffelen Woodworking, a manufacturer of wood doors, is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  Operating on the same site in Tacoma, Wash., since 1913, the company has evolved to become one of the industryʼs most technologically advanced manufacturers, supplying doors to distributors and builders throughout the U.S., Canada and Japan, it reports.

Since its founding by Dutch immigrant John Buffelen, the company has focused on high quality standards and skilled craftsmanship. Even today, doors are assembled, sanded and finished by hand. Complementing this attention to detail, Buffelen has kept up with the demands of a fast-paced economy with custom-designed, state-of-the-art machinery to efficiently produce precision joinery and profiles of any shape or style, officials state.

“We have worked tirelessly over the years to provide our customers with a door that is built to last, made-to-order and delivered quickly,” says Joe Guizzetti, Buffelen CEO and general manager. “Our adherence to rigorous quality standards, endless custom options and fast turnaround has enabled the company to create the 100 year-old legacy that we enjoy today–a legacy that we look forward to continuing long into the future.”

No one understands and appreciates the Buffelen legacy better than Guizzetti, who has been with the company for nearly 40 years, working his way from summer intern to CEO. “The forest products industry has been faced with many challenges over the years, including the recent global economic downturn,” he says.  “In order to weather the storms, Buffelen has carefully stayed true to our roots of traditional craftsmanship, while embracing the efficiency and precision that modern technology can provide.”