Centor Walkers Help to Fight Poverty

July 26, 2011

Centor Architectural employees from around the world gathered in June in Australia for the Brisbane Trailwalk designed to support Oxfam and help fight poverty in developing countries. The walkers set out into Brisbane’s bush land with the challenge of walking 62 miles in teams of four in under 48 hours.

 Centor's Trailwalkers in Brisbane

Centor North America contributed two walkers, Jim Thornton, president, and Brent Johnson, certified installation manager, to the inaugural Brisbane event with both completing the course in less than 27 hours. The hardware supplier also had employees from the United Kingdom, China and Australia participate, with all spending more than six months training and fundraising.

Only 44 percent of the teams participating in the Trailwalk finished with all four members. Centor officials note they were particularly proud to have five whole teams finish the event, losing only one team member to blisters. Blisters and swollen joints caused 27 percent of the 1,132 participants to retire early from the Brisbane event.

Brent Johnson of Centor North America at the finish. 

"There is no denying Brisbane’s Trailwalker was extremely tough but to have 23 walkers finish the 100km is exceptional,” reports Nigel Spork, managing director of the Australia-based company. “Centor is honoured to have been given the opportunity to contribute back to our global community and raising over $29,500 for Oxfam is a great effort.”

In total, Oxfam has raised more than $1 million from the Brisbane event.