Edgetech Collects Books for Grenada

December 7, 2010

Eager to assist a good cause, employees from Edgetech I.G. and its and sister company LMI Custom Mixing recently held a drive that resulted in the collection of 5,000 books, along with additional supplies, for children on the Caribbean island of Grenada.  The drive was spurred by a relative of an Edgetech employee living in the area, who recognized a need to provide books and supplies to the impoverished youth of the country in hopes of giving them a chance at a better life.

“The response from employees was overwhelming,” says Mike Hovan, Edgtech president. “Thanks to their help and help from our friends and suppliers, 161 boxes of books and supplies were delivered to Grenada. It has been a wonderful effort from all involved and will make a difference in the lives of these children.”

Edgetech officials also credit its logistics partner, Conway, for helping out the effort by shipping the 6,000 pounds worth of books and supplies at a deeply discounted rate.

“It just makes you proud to be part of an organization that really cares for people,” Hovan notes. “Our employees and partners share the same goal to be good members of the community–and of the world. It is a big part of who we are as an organization.”

Some of the recipients of books and supplies collected at Edgetech.