Edgetech Goes to Bat for Children in Dominican Republic

August 19, 2009

Inspired by the underprivileged children of Luperon in the Dominican Republic who were honing their skills and falling in love with baseball, a relative of an Edgetech employee who recently visited there vowed to help. Responding to this worthy call, the company collected donations of equipment that totaled more than 100 baseball bats, 150 helmets, 68 catchers’ outfits, 100 baseballs and 25 baseball gloves, which were given to children on three different baseball leagues in the Luperon area.

Kids in the Dominican Republic with bats and other equipment donated in
a drive organized by Edgetech.

“These children don’t have video games, television and iPods–they live, eat and breathe baseball,” says Erin Johnson, Edgetech's marketing director. “Playing baseball is their way to relax and, potentially, their ticket to a better life. We are very proud of our employees and friends who made this donation possible. It truly has made a difference to the children who had no means of getting the gear they needed to play.”

Edgetech employees, along with friends and relatives, shipped more than 800 pounds of baseball gear in 45 boxes on four skids to the Dominican Republic. Because school supplies are also scarce in the area, pens, pencils and other necessities were included with the shipment.

“It just makes you proud to be part of an organization like this–one that really cares for people,” Johnson notes. “Being good members of the community–and of the world–is definitely a part of our Edgetech 360 value promise. It’s part of who we are as an organization.”