Edgetech Hosts Green Economy Event

March 26, 2009

Edgetech I.G. Inc. yesterday hosted Environment Ohio for a special event to introduce the organization’s new report, “Growing Ohio’s Green Energy Economy.”  Environment Ohio, which works to protect Ohio's air, water and open spaces, chose Edgetech to participate in the event because of Super Spacer’s contributions to meeting the stringent energy-efficiency standards set for windows in the economic stimulus package.

The March 25 event brought together business leaders, local officials and energy experts to show their support for additional policies to generate jobs in the renewable energy industry in Ohio.  Speakers included Mike Hovan of Edgetech; Katy Keifer, Environment Ohio; Mayor Tom Orr, City of Cambridge; and Jim Wentz, League of Ohio Sportsmen and National Wildlife Federation. The event was designed to help expose the breadth and depth of Ohio’s renewable energy industry.  The report identifies more than 415 companies, including Edgetech, directly involved in the renewable energy supply chain, and an additional 60 organizations involved in auxiliary services to the industry.

Jim Wentz, League of Ohio Sportsmen and NWF;
Katy Kiefer, Environment Ohio field organizer;
Mike Hovan, president, Edgetech I.G. and
Mayor Thomas Orr, City of Cambridge.

gathered for event highlighting a new report
that examines Ohio companies and
organizations active in renewable energy.

“It was an honor for Environment Ohio to choose Edgetech and the City of Cambridge for this special event,” said Hovan, Edgetech president. “As a contributor to worldwide energy efficiency for more than 20 years, Edgetech shares the same goal as Environment Ohio to preserve the natural and economic landscape in Ohio. We are grateful to Mayor Orr and other local officials for sharing this day with us.”

Edgetech I.G. is active in raising the bar for energy efficiency guidelines and green building around the globe through its dedication to sustainable product development, as well as involvement with industry organizations and legislators, offiicals note. Additionally, Edgetech’s Super Spacer is a major contributor to meeting the needs of window fabricators looking to certify their products to meet new Energy Star requirements and those requirements recently estalbished for homeowners to qualify for tax credits.