EPA Solicits Comments on Revised Skylight Criteria for Energy Star Version 6.0

Window & Door
February 26, 2013

The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking stakeholder comments on the revised skylight criteria for the proposed Version 6.0 Energy Star Specification, according to a Feb. 25 letter. Comments on the revised criteria are due by Friday, March 8, to windows@energystar.gov.

Several stakeholders initially raised concerns during the Draft 1 comment response period regarding changes in test results for Tubular Daylighting Devices. The Draft 2 specification did not include any revisions to address this issue because EPA believed the situation warranted further investigation. According to the letter, EPA learned last year that all TDDs would be retested and the corresponding TDD listings in the NFRC Certified Products Directory would be updated by January 1, 2013. After that date, EPA re-ran its CPD analysis on TDDs. Based on the findings of this analysis and additional skylight information received during the Draft 2 comment response period, EPA has modified the skylight criteria as follows:

  • Northern U-factor maximum raised to 0.47
  • Any SHGC now allowed in Northern zone
  • North-Central zone SHGC maximum raised to 0.35
  • SHGC maximum raised to 0.28 in the South-Central and Southern zones.

The full letter outlining the revisions is available here.

The EPA anticipates finalizing the specification in April 2013, with a criteria effective date in early 2014, according to the letter.