Good Morning America Highlights Simonton Job Gains

August 7, 2009

After announcing that more than 400 full-time and seasonal employees laid off since 2008 had been asked to rejoin its workforce last week, Simonton Windows was featured today on Good Morning America in a report on the improving jobs picture.

The segment, which included interviews with a rehired West Virginia Simonton employee along with company president, Mark Savan, was taped August 6th at Simonton’s Ellenboro, W. Va., plant.

“We received the call from a producer around noon on Thursday that they were interested in covering this story because it reinforces a positive element in the economy,” says Gary Pember, marketing vice president at Simonton. “The team at Good Morning America stressed an interest in showcasing how companies are putting employees back to work. And, at Simonton, we perfectly fit that profile.”

For the show, Simonton employee Mandy Stewart was interviewed. Originally hired in 2005, Stewart, a glazing operator, was laid off on December 30, 2008, because of a slowdown in business. Fortunately, with business building back up during the second quarter of 2009, Stewart was rehired by Simonton on June 15, 2009. Stewart’s husband Christopher, who also works for Simonton Windows, had also been laid off and returned to work after three-months of unemployment. Altogether, 263 hourly employees have been offered reemployment by Simonton in West Virginia this year, plus another 139 employees in Illinois.

“Based on the successful return of seasonal product demand during the second and third quarters, plus the positive sales resulting from the tax credit incentive available to homeowners from the U.S. government, we’ve been in a good position to rehire every hourly employee in West Virginia and Illinois who had previously been laid off,” says Pember. “That’s more than 400 employees back at work. We’re also looking to hire 55 additional seasonal employees right now to help with production of our products."