Hanley Wood Honors Deceuninck Tradeshow Booth

September 30, 2013

Deceuninck North America’s “Gallery d” exhibit was recently named Best Tradeshow Booth in Hanley Wood’s first annual Brand Builder Awards: Honoring Excellence in Marketing. Featured at the International Builders' Show and GlassBuild America: The Glass, Window & Door Expo, the Gallery d booth was designed to combine art and architecture by juxtaposing the paint, glaze and canvas of classic artwork with the glass and vinyl of window frames.

 The Gallery d exhibit at GlassBuild America

“Deceuninck’s booth brought art and the architecture of fenestration together for a fresh look at windows, doors, and their impact on life. It compelled visitors to look beyond function so they could see how the design of Deceuninck’s products was both imaginative and inspiring,” says Filip Geeraert, president and CEO of the window and door system supplier. “We were pleased to provide attendees with a memorable experience that resulted in widespread approval, extensive word-of-mouth buzz and a significant increase in leads generated at the show, and we are proud to be recognized with this award.”

The Gallery d booth included such works as Picasso’s “Woman Seated by a Window” and Matisse’s “View from the Window, Tangier” viewed through Deceuninck’s energy-efficient picture window systems. It was also designed to create a “please touch” environment to encourage interaction with the company's window and door systems.

Hanley Wood’s first annual Brand Builder Awards are designed to recognize the most innovative and effective marketing campaigns throughout the residential and commercial design and construction industries. The competition is designed to award the organizations that demonstrate superiority in their ability to develop, create, implement and execute marketing strategies and tactics that define excellence.