Home Depot Recognizes Woodgrain

December 14, 2011

The Home Depot recently named Woodgrain Millwork as a top ten finalist for its 2011 Innovation Award for its latest product, Finished Elegance. Currently available in Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and other eastern U.S. Home Depot stores, the interior moulding and trim product was recognized because it features a smooth, finished surface that eliminates the need to paint and has increased durability.

 Woodgrain's trim and moulding product

“Finished Elegance is so much easier to use than traditional moulding,” says Barry Dale, president, Woodgrain Distribution. “To get a similar quality finish to that on Finished Elegance, wood has to be painted multiple times, which takes time and labor. Finished Elegance gives that complete solution with fewer steps. It takes the richness and opulence that Americans want for products in their homes, while also offering a product that is very sustainable and lasts for decades.”

Woodgrain creates the finished surface using Eastman Chemical Co.'s Cerfis technology, which enables the use of strategically selected wood-based substrates, while still providing a final product offering a high level of quality, the supplier notes.