Hurd Makes World Vision Donation

February 23, 2010

Hurd Windows & Doors donated six semi-trucks worth of its products to World Vision through the Gifts-in-Kind program in December 2009 and January 2010, it reports. The Hurd windows, screens, and doors, with a retail value of more than $675,000, follow up on previous 2009 donations of nearly $100,000 worth of product.

"With their donation to World Vision, Hurd Windows & Doors will be helping an estimated 185 families in the Chicago and Appalachia (West Virginia) regions of the United States. An average family receives a combination of between 4 to 6 windows and doors that are used to refurbish their home," says Mary Garcia, World Vision corporate relations director.

In the past five years, World Vision has placed more than $1.5 billion worth of donated goods from major corporations, including medical supplies, school supplies, building materials, personal care items, clothing, shoes, books, and sporting goods, it reports.  Building products donated to World Vision are sorted, shipped, and distributed to warehouses, and organizations such as churches, that use the items to renovate homes in need of repair.

Hurd views the partnership with World Vision as a win-win. The company donated about 75 percent of its factory outlet product, some of which was admittedly taking up space after Hurd consolidated its Merrill plants to Medford. "We are becoming a leaner, just-in-time manufacturing company," says Mike Czerniak, Hurd's distributor services manager. "The donation allowed us to do a major house cleaning and inventory reduction, so we have a fresh start."

“Social responsibility is on the shoulders of individuals and companies alike. Considering the construction industry conditions, we were fortunate this year, and this was a grateful gesture that we could do to give thanks and lend a helping hand to people who have been not as fortunate,” adds Stu Brown, vice president of products and services.