New WDMA Brochure Troubleshoots Indoor Condensation on Windows

December 17, 2013

Cold Weather Condensation is a new brochure published by WDMA that discusses the circumstances under which condensation can appear on windows during cold weather, and describes methods that may reduce the likelihood or severity of this happening. This brochure contains updated recommendations on indoor relative humidity, which is the major reason for condensation on windows and within building components.

"We want to make sure members of the industry and consumers have access to the latest information on fighting cold weather condensation. This brochure guides people through diagnosing the problem and the surprising importance of where the condensation occurs, how long it is visible, and the outdoor temperature," says Michael O'Brien, WDMA president and CEO. "In addition to recommendations by climate zone on maximum indoor relative humidity, this WDMA brochure offers corrective options for those with cold weather condensation on their windows."

The brochure, which is intended as a technical discussion for building owners and occupants, is available in the WDMA Online Bookstore.