Ply Gem Receives Green Certification Labels

October 27, 2009

Multiple products in the window and door, siding, stone veneer and aluminum accessory line offered by Ply Gem have received the NAHB Research Center National Green Building Certification in nine different certification categories, the manufacturer reports.  The products, including several window and door lines, will carry the "Green Approved" mark indicating that they with specific green practice criteria in the National Green Building Standard and can be used by builders to earn points toward National Green Building Certification using the standard.

Achieving certification of its products is part of the Ply Gem Enviro initiative launched at the beginning of ths year. "Since the launch of Ply Gem Enviro, we have taken several steps in accomplishing our goals and earning the Green Approved product mark is just the beginning of a continued corporate commitment to sustainability,” says Gary E. Robinette, Ply Gem president and CEO. “The achievement of Green Approved status has pushed Ply Gem to the next level in sustainability leadership in the residential construction marketplace, while also helping our customers build success in their businesses by providing the products they want and need.”

Ply Gem products were selected for Green Approved status based on features including, but not limited to: no additional on-site finish; termite resistant materials; Energy Star ratings for windows and doors and insulated siding; and certified U-factor and SGHC of windows and doors.

Windows and doors receiving Green Approved Product Certificates include  Ply Gem Windows Builder, Pro and Premium Series vinyl windows, and Ply Gem Windows Contractor, Builder, Pro and Premium Series vinyl, wood and clad products.

“These certifications further our dedication to providing customers with superior options to help meet and exceed sustainability goals and build eco-friendly homes,” says Keith Pigues, chief marketing officer for the North Carolina-based company. “We are now looking forward to the next phases in the Ply Gem Enviro initiative including the continued improvement of environmental efficiency in not only our products, but also our internal operations.”