Roto Facility Honored as Best Plant in Germany

June 16, 2010

A Roto AG roof window manufacturing plant in Bad Mergentheim, Germany has recently been selected as the best factory in Germany for 2010, the company reports.  The facility received the Industrial Excellence Award known throughout Germany and presented to such companies BMW, Siemens and Fujitsu during the past 15 years.

The roof window plant was cited for operating within a highly efficient, synchronic production system that is up-to-date with technology, maintains short through-put and lead times and lean inventory levels. In addition, the high level of employee involvement, enthusiasm and motivation in the overall business were key factors in awarding Roto this distinctive honor, it is noted.  

The Roto plant is the first in the building products industry to receive the award.  Based in Germany, the company has operations throughout the world, including Chester, Conn.-based Roto Frank of America that manufactures window and door hardware.