Roto Honors North American Operation

February 21, 2012

Roto Frank of America Inc. was recently recognized with a special Turnaround Performance Award from its parent company Roto Frank AG. Chris Dimou, CEO and president of the U.S-based operation accepted the award the global hardware supplier's recent leadership conference in Berlin, Germany.

 Roto Frank of America's Chris Dimou, second from left, received the award from Roto Frank AG executive board members, from lef to right, Leonhard Braig, chief technical officer; Michael Stangier, chief financial officer; and Eckhard Keill, CEO and chairman.

“The decision to honor Roto Frank of America with this award derived also from the fact that Roto has been dramatically reversing the negative trend which was in place up until 2009,” says Eckhard Keill, Roto Frank AG CEO and chairman of the board.  The award, presented to the hardware manufacturer's business units that makes dramatic improvement, reflects the North American company's significant progress in the areas of strategy, market approach, sales, cost structure, inventory, and change management.

“Despite the downturn in the building and construction industry and such difficult economic times, the Roto team here in the United States and Canada has persevered and made tremendous strides over the past two years," says Dimou. "By growing our sales by almost 40 percent the last couple of years, we have gained important market share and prepared the ground for future growth. We are deeply honored by this unique performance award, appreciative of the group’s continued support, as well as our employees’ dedication and hard work.”