Simonton Employees Survive Wellness Challenge

August 9, 2011

More than 800 Simonton Windows employees nationwide participated in the Simonton Survivor program this past spring designed to promote healthy lifestyles. Seventy-seven team members completed all six weeks of the program and six different challenges.

During the first week, employees of the window manufacturing company worked on improving their overall nutrition by selecting two food goals to focus on for the week. Building on that experience, during week two participants took the first steps towards starting an exercise program. The goal was to exercise three days a week for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes. To increase their overall cardio vascular endurance, during week three the goal was to complete exercises three days a week for a half hour each time.

At the mid-way point of the Simonton Survivor program, associates began to work on strength training by committing to exercise a minimum of three days a week for 30 minutes each time using either their body weight or equipment, the company explains. During week five each participant met with a Wellness Coach to discuss any obstacles the person had to improving and sustaining their overall health. The one-on-one sessions helped set the goals for people to overcome their barriers. Employees participating in the final week's challenge walked two miles a day for five days.

“Every person who joined us for even one week of the survivor course is a winner,” says Loren Mundstock, trainer with Wellness Coaches USA. “Any time you focus attention on improving your lifestyle and take steps to enhance your nutrition, fitness and attitude, you’re making a positive push toward healthier living.”

“We had an average of 130-135 people participate each week in the program,” Mundstock reports. “Those who joined us learned a great deal about themselves and what they need to do to improve their overall health and lifestyle.”

The Simonton Survivor program was a follow-up challenge to last year’s competition when more than 300 Simonton associates collectively lost 1,470 pounds during the six-week 2010 Simonton Summer Challenge. That challenge included 151 teams of two associates per team from Simonton facilities in West Virginia, Illinois, Oklahoma and California.

"Our yearly challenges help educate Simonton associates nationwide about weight, body fat and body mass indexes,” says Mundstock. “This ongoing effort helps our people receive education and information so they can make better, healthier life choices about the foods they eat and how they take care of themselves.”

Simonton employees completing all six weeks of the 2011 challenge program include:

  • Lori Bever, Twila Fox, Melissa Gragg, Debbie Holland and Dorothy Workman from Simonton's operations in Ellenboro, W. Va.
  • Dawn Bush, Jami Smith, Linda Barton, Dan Jones, Randy Grimm, Steve Eddy, Lisa Church, Roger Dennis, Sarah York, Joe Peckens, Joyce Collins and Katrina Lusk from operations in Pennsboro, W. Va.
  • Chad Newbrough from operations in St. Marys, W. Va.
  • Julie Balsley, Janie Pennock, Karen Villers, Eileen Hodge, Missie Pickens, Jessica Robinson, Christy Newbanks, Barb Evans, Amy McCutcheon, Cindy Ramsey, Laura Belcher, Maria Barnhart and Tiffany Davies from operations in Parkersburg, W. Va.
  • Vicki Ballard, Danny Burch, John Comstock, Karen Cooper, Jason Cox, Sue Cox, Cindy Cross, Shirley Duniphan, Christine Freezeland, Doug Mace, Dough Maloney, Pam Manning, Dirk Moore, Danita Powell, Carl Remlinger, Brenda Rhoads, Rachel Riggs, Carla Roberts, Hannah Gonthier, Ligia Kuhl, Ron Neilbarger and Jamar Stewart from operations in Paris, Ill.
  • Jose Bermudez, Juan Chavez, Juventino Cortez, Vince Cruz, Frank De la O, Dwight Everett, Jim Jimminez, Kathryn Kennedy, Sonam Lama, Kimthoa Nguyen, Troy O’Neil, Manual Reyes, Desmund Rutherford, Wendy Schoberth, Dave Sherwood, Rick Thacker and Swaran Williams from operations in Vacaville, Calif.
  • James Ewton, Scott Bowen, Mike Yoast, Amanda Ward, Leah King, Shawn Dawson from operations in McAlester, Okla.