Simonton Teams Up with Distributor and Dealer to Help Hurricane Sandy Victim

July 9, 2013

During Hurricane Sandy’s severe weather on October 29, 2012, toddler Tripp Halstead was critically injured when a large branch fell on his head. Months later, the Halstead family continues to struggle, but has received help from thousands of individuals, plus contractors and companies like ABC Supply and Simonton Windows.

“There is a chain of support for this family,” says Chea Prince with ABC Supply Co. Inc. in Smyrna, Ga. “We learned about the need for improvements to the Halstead home from Vince Smith, owner of Hassle Free Window & Door Co. LLC in Marietta, Ga. "He asked for a donation of windows so he could install them in the Halstead home at no charge. We contacted Simonton Windows, who immediately agreed to donate their Energy Star qualified Simonton ProFinish Contractor windows to this project.”

Due to the medical needs of Tripp, the family has to move to a one-level home closer to relatives for daily assistance. Located in Jefferson, Ga., a house is being completely remodeled with the assistance of Sunshine On a Ranney Day, non-profit foundation that helps children with long-term illnesses in the Atlanta area with dream home makeovers. An anticipated July 13, 2013 completion date has been set for the Halstead home that will feature wheelchair ramps and a chair lift.

“We understand Tripp’s need for a wheelchair made it important for the family to sell their multi-level home,” says Hassle Free's Smith. “My wife and I were following Tripp’s daily setbacks and progress on Facebook and decided we’d donate my services to install the new Simonton windows. These are energy-efficient, low-maintenance windows that will provide the family with dependable service in the future.”