Solar Innovations Celebrates 10th Anniversary

August 15, 2008

Although it can trace its history back to the 1950s, Solar Innovations, Inc. celebrated 10 years in the business in April. The company’s roots go back to Everlite Greenhouses, which was purchased in the 1980s by a Maryland sunroom manufacturer and divided and sold to several different entities that began manufacturing sunrooms.
One of the new manufacturers moved to York, Pa. , where it made wood and aluminum products until 1997. Then, in the face of strong competition and varying business conditions, Greg Header, Solar Innovations’ current president, was hired as a consultant.
Header realized that immediate action was required to create a sustainable company and it underwent reorganization and was reformed as Solar Innovations in 1998. Since that time, the company has grown and now has more than 90 employees. It continues to expand, breaking ground for a new facility earlier this year and introducing new products.