Solarban 70XL Used in DOE Solar Decathlon Competition

Window & Door
October 3, 2013

A student team from Missouri University of Science & Technology will feature vinyl windows fabricated with PPG Industries' Solarban 70XL glass in the “Chameleon House” they are constructing for the U.S. Department of Energy’s 2013 Solar Decathlon, according to an Oct. 2 PPG press release. The windows, supplied by Crystal Window and Door Systems, are 7/8-inch insulating glass units with one pane each of 1/8-inch Solarban 70XL glass and 1/8-inch clear glass separated by an argon gas-filled space.

“We’re pleased that these young practitioners, who will be leading the next generation of sustainable design, recognize the value of high-performance glass products,” says Glenn T. Miner, PPG director of construction, flat glass, in the release.

Students at Missouri S&T designed the Chameleon House to maximize energy performance using highly engineered photovoltaic and solar thermal systems and advanced automation systems. The windows are part of an integrated passive solar control system that incorporates window overhangs, heat recovery and natural ventilation via operable windows. The Missouri S&T team is one of 20 selected to participate in the DOE's Solar Decathlon, a national competition in which college student teams design, build and operate houses powered by solar energy that are cost-effective, extremely energy-efficient, functional and attractive, PPG reports.