Stanek Donates Windows to Historic Farm

July 19, 2012

After receiving a request for several windows, Stanek Windows recently supplied 23 windows at the historic Stearns Homestead Farm located in Parma, Ohio. Volunteers from the Cleveland-based manufacturer installed the windows thoughout the facilities, which include two houses, a Yankee-style barn, animal shelters and Country Store.

The barn, which was constructed sometime between 1835 and 1855, previously relied on a number system to replace windows as the seasons changed. During the summer months, the windows were replaced with chicken wire mesh stapled directly to the barn. In terms of the new windows, the volunteers can now tackle transitional days of hot or cold weather and make the animals feel confortable.

 New Stanek windows installed in the farm's Country Store

“The windows were so old and ill-fitting,” says Renee Schapel, Parma Area Historical Society Trustee. “In order to minimize our frustration when putting them back in during the winter, we actually numbered the windows and the openings so we were sure they fit.”

Mary Lou Hriczik, a volunteer at the farm for the past two years, saw a need for new windows and approached the company. “Originally, I asked for three or four windows that Stanek was going to throw out,” she states. “The windows were in need of repair in all of the buildings, and occasionally broke and fell out of their slots so we ended up nailing them in place.”

After receiving the call, Rick Jones, Stanek president, decided to replace the outdated windows throughout the homestead facilities. The Country Store, filled with antiques and historic items, received Stanek Window’s custom-made, medium oak woodgrain windows to accent the barn motif and  keep the aesthetics of the wood. The new windows allow ventilation and are high-performance, double-pane low-E glass. Prior to this replacement, the windows were single-pane fixed glass.

Some of the windows used woodgrain interiors to maintain a rustic look. 

“I spent my early years of life on my uncle’s farm so I have an affection for farm animals and farm life,” says Jones. “Stanek Windows wanted to help so that future generations could enjoy what Stearns Farm provides on a daily basis. I think customers will appreciate the Stanek Difference in the new windows throughout the buildings on the property. We encourage residents to visit the farm and make contributions.”