THV Supplies Windows for Veteran's Home

August 9, 2011

As part of “Extreme Makeover : Home Edition” television show, THV Compozit Windows & Doors recently donated more than 80 windows to the Hill family in Ottawa, Kan. 

Staff Sergeant Allen Hill was almost killed by a massive roadside bomb while serving in Iraq. He recovered from his physical wounds, but continued to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder episodes, often triggered by such environmental conditions as loud noises, dimly lit spaces and long hallways. He was ready to come home, but the house he once lived in was near both a rock quarry, where there are constant dynamite blasts, and a train yard that is a constant source of terrifying noises and vibrations. For Sergeant Hill to be reunited with his family, he needed a new home–one built with an emphasis on peace, tranquility and sound reduction.

THV windows with composite frames and triple-pane) glass played an integral part in meeting those needs, as they not only help with noise reduction, but will also provide a highly energy efficient window therefore lowering energy costs for the Hill family in their new home.

“With our 15 retail stores and over 70 independent dealers, including our presence in the Ottawa area, it’s great to be able to give back to the community that we’ve been a part of for so long," notes Charles L. Smith, THV CEO. "To be selected because of the sound reduction our windows provide gives me a great sense of pride. I personally worked on the site and thoroughly enjoyed my time there working with co-workers and in the town of Ottawa. We know the Hill family will enjoy our windows for years to come.”

THV windows at the Extreme Makeover jobsite in Ottawa, Kan.