Vinylmax Reaches Safety Milestone

October 7, 2011

Vinylmax Windows, the Ohio-based manufacturer of wood and vinyl replacement windows, has gone one full year–more than 300,000 man hours– without a lost work time accident, officials report. The company recently celebrated by giving out T-shirts sporting Vinylmax’s safety slogan: "No Safety, Know Pain. Know Safety, No Pain."

The milestone shatters the firm’s previous record of 267 days, set in 2008. Its third best stretch was 94 days, set in 2002, officials note. They also point to Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that manufacturers of similar size and type average 7.7 lost work time incidents per year. 

The improvement can be attributed to “a lot of talk and a lot of action," says Mark Nolte, assistant plant manager. "We truly prioritize safety. It’s not just a slogan."

Congratulating employees on the success, Laura Doerger-Roberts, president and GM, said, “Safety protects our greatest asset—you, our workforce. Without you, we cannot achieve any of our goals.”