Window Dealers Sponsor Second Veterans Airlift Mission

May 7, 2013

Local Window World store owners recently sponsored a mission for the Veterans Airlift Command, enabling three wounded veterans to travel from Washington, D.C., to Destin, Fla., for the EOD Memorial Weekend. The soldiers attended fundraisers as they honored fallen EOD (explosive ordinance detonation) comrades.


The event was created by the EOD Warrior Foundation to pay homage to service men and women from all branches of the military who have died as a result of an EOD and to provide support for wounded EOD personnel. Funding for the aircraft and pilot were provided by Window World stores in Washington, D.C.; Central Valley and Winchester, Va.; Fresno and Bakersfield, Calif.; and Las Vegas.

One of the soldiers on the transport mission was Taylor Morris, a Navy EOD 2 tech and quadruple amputee who was injured in 2012 in Afghanistan. "I'm grateful that we got to attend EOD Memorial Weekend," he says. "We celebrated the lives of our fallen brothers and raised money for a worthy cause. It is always fun to go meet up with the dudes you haven't seen in a while."

Other veterans on the Window World corporate plane included Army EOD Tech Sergeant Rob Easley, who lost both legs in December 2012, and Marine EOD Tech Staff Sergeant Tim Brown, who is a triple amputee and was injured in February 2011.

The Veterans Airlift Command is a non-profit organization that facilitates free air transportation to wounded veterans and their families through a network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots. To date, Window World has supported 40 missions for the VAC, and this is the second mission sponsored specifically by Greg Deathridge and Melinda Hawks, owners of the six Window World franchises.

"We are so honored to support a mission uniting soldiers to pay respect to their comrades," says Deathridge. Representatives from the Window World sales team were in attendance to meet the veterans and show appreciation for their service. "Our entire organization is proud to have been part of this second mission and have the opportunity to meet these incredible people."