YKK AP Employees Gather Aid for Puerto Rico

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November 13, 2017

When Hurricane Maria devastated the island of Puerto Rico in September, it hit home for YKK AP America Inc. employees Angel Baez and Veronica Acosta, whose families were impacted by the storm.

“Those first few days of not being able to communicate with anyone on the island were incredibly stressful,” said Acosta, office administrator at YKK AP in Austell, Georgia. “My grandfather’s home requires extensive repairs to make it fully livable. Thankfully it was not a total loss and they are able to make it work.”

YKK AP employees, inspired by the company's corporate Cycle of Goodness philosophy, developed a plan to help those in need. The wellness committee took the lead and raised funds from colleagues to donate to relief efforts. It also connected with the Atlanta-based organization, Serve the World. The organization helps people, businesses and churches across the country find ways to aid disaster relief, homelessness, and struggling families and children.

On Oct. 30, YKK AP employees from across the company gathered at a rented warehouse in Norcross, Georgia. Together, they dug through boxes of donations, sorting, organizing, labeling and packaging them again for delivery to families in Puerto Rico.

“To have the opportunity to help our friends and families, and to have management recognize our initiative and pay us for the day of volunteer work, was incredible. I was so proud to know that we were doing something to help the cause,” said Acosta.

After learning about YKK AP’s efforts, Baez’s sister, who lives in Puerto Rico, wrote to him: “As a Puerto Rican living closely to this sad situation and knowing the need of thousands of other Puerto Ricans that still don’t have anything, I feel more than grateful and happy that there are hearts full of love and willing to share. I know it will be a great help to each person that receives these goods. I’m more than grateful that all of you have come forward to help my island."