Edgetech to Open UK Manufacturing Facility

May 1, 2007

With growing demand for Super Spacer in the United Kingdom, Edgetech I.G. Inc. is investing in a new $4.4 million plant in Coventry, England, to produce the warm-edge spacer product. The new extrusion facility is expected to be operational this summer.

“Edgetech’s UK market growth has been in excess of 300 percent in the last three years. With this type of market demand for our product, it was time for Edgetech to take the next step in our commitment to this marketplace,” says Mike Hovan, Edgetech president. “This expansion is symbolic of the growth Edgetech has experienced on an international scale and demonstrates the confidence Super Spacer has achieved globally.”

Edgetech UK was established 11 years ago, and three years ago, there were three Super Spacer IG lines in the UK. By the end of September 2007, the supplier reports there will be 17 fully-automated and eight semi-automated production lines installed—each capable of producing between 500 and 1,000 units per eight hour shift.

“I’ve seen first hand the changes in the UK market over the last few years,” says Andy Jones, managing director of Edgetech UK. “There are an increasing number of companies that see the future is warm edge technology and investing in Super Spacer machinery to be able to offer the best. Our customers are prepared to invest in the future of the industry, and so are we.”

In addition to the new facility, Edgetech will continue to supply global demand from its 476,000-square-foot headquarters in Cambridge, Ohio.