Schlegel Owner Acquires Amesbury Group

May 1, 2007

A deal in Britain is bringing two suppliers together and to the North American window and door industry—Schlegel Building Products and the Amesbury Group. On Monday, Lupus Capital plc, a London-based specialty investment firm that acquired Schlegel last year, added Amesbury with the purchase of the security systems unit of the UK-based Laird Group.

With the transaction, Schlegel’s U.S. operations will be managed under the Amesbury’s Sealing Solutions division under the overall leadership of Rich Koopman, Amesbury president. “The opportunity to combine Schlegel’s product range and expertise with our existing operations in the USA is a very positive development for the business and our customers. By extending this range of products, the Amesbury Group will further enhance our leading position in the fenestration market,” Koopman notes.

“Our primary goal is to ensure a smooth transition and nothing less than an enhancement to your current relationship with either company,” he continues. “Schlegel is an excellent company with values and people similar to ours. We are very excited about this alliance and look forward to offering a full range of products to the industry.”

Lupus officials see Amesbury, which offers a variety of weatherseals, door and window hardware and other components, complementing Schlegel’s existing U.S. activities. Schlegel’s international distribution network, meanwhile, is seen to offer new potential for Amesbury products. A leading producer of urethane foam (compression seals) and woven pile (sliding seals) for the window and door market, Schlegel sells its products in more than 75 countries from seven manufacturing plants located around the world.

The acquisition gives Lupus Capital a strong position in the building products sector, where long term trends towards higher manufacturing standards, increased emphasis on personal security and more stringent thermal efficiency standards are each expected to support increasing demand, executives note. Lupus will look to the enlarged Amesbury Group “as a platform for growth and will work with the management to drive operational improvements through the business, to pursue organic growth opportunities, new product development and to make add-on acquisitions where they will add value.”

Under the ownership of Laird, Amesbury expanded its operations and product lines numerous times over the years. Among its acquisitions were Plastic Profiles Inc., Balance Systems, Omega Balance, Sash Controls, Fastek Products, Bandlock Corp. and Builders Hardware.