AAMA Alerts Members to Make Their Position Known on Cap and Trade

July 13, 2009

Pointing to the Web site of the Environmental Defense Fund, which includes lists of companies that the group suggests would benefit from passage of cap and trade legislation, the American Architectural Manufacturers Association sent out an alert to members last week urging members to make their positions on the legislation known to their representatives.

The Web site includes state maps that "tell the story of companies across the manufacturing heartland that will get new customers and create jobs with a cap on carbon." The maps highlight companies, including many AAMA members and assumes their support of H.B. 2454, the cap-and-trade bill which passed the House, because they produce Energy Star-rated products.

“The 1,400-page cap and trade legislation does contain energy efficiency provisions that are favorable for our industry,” states Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO. “There are some possible negative aspects of the legislation, however, that may exacerbate the current U.S. manufacturing competitive disadvantage on a global basis. It stipulates the creation of a whole new layer of regulation in a National Energy Code.”

The alert encourages AAMA members to contact both the EDF and their local representatives to express and confirm their position on the Waxman-Markey American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009. “Your elected representative may even be including your company as a supporter of this legislation,” Walker points out. “In Ohio, for example, there is at least one House Representative who publicly touted the support of an AAMA member for climate change legislation last week, without their prior knowledge or approval.”

Walker notes that AAMA staff has not yet finished its analysis of the entire 1,400 pages of H.R. 2454, but warns that “the legislation passed by the House contains provisions that could have a significant impact on speed and degree of the recovery for both residential and commercial building.”