AAMA to Celebrate 75 Years

January 3, 2012

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association is preparing to celebrate its 75th anniversary when members gather for the organization's annual conference at the end of February.  Set for the Naples Grande Beach Hotel in Naples, Fla., the event will also include regular AAMA business meetings, including sessions devoted to green product certification, codes and regulatory affairs and alternative accelerated weathering testing.

“The longevity and continuing success of AAMA was made possible through the expertise, perseverance and dedication contributed to our organization by our past and present members," notes Rich Walker, president and CEO. "The occasion of AAMA’s 75th anniversary serves as a platform to recognize those members who have contributed the time and talent necessary to build and sustain a powerful and respected organization.”

The annual awards banquet to be held at the Florida meeting will provide an opportunity to celebrate the anniversary. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with some members from AAMA’s past as all Outstanding Member Award winners will be recognized for their prominent contributions to AAMA's progress, officials note.

Offering the keynote address will be Eric Greitens, a decorated United States Navy SEAL, as well as a Rhodes Scholar who earned his PH.D. at Oxford, a humanitarian worker who has served around the world, and a national champion boxer. Greitens will address a broad range of subjects important to today’s companies, including leadership and social responsibility, the next generation of American leadership, and service and the humanitarian ethic.

"In a rapidly changing world, it is easy to lose sight of the true purpose of leadership and humanitarianism," Walker notes. "Greitens will instill a sense of urgency to rediscover a balance between success in business and responsible leadership as a global citizen.”

Association business
AAMA continues to make progress with its green product certification program.  Meetings in Florida will include review of recent ballot results of the climate zone-based approach to the energy performance criteria and related points associated with the criteria within the program for R and LC class products. Members will also be reviewing the ballot results of for the first draft of a procedural guide for program participants. 

Julie Ruth, AAMA code consultant, will provide a summary of the 2012 International Building Code, International Residential Code, International Energy Conservation Code and International Green Construction Code as they pertain to the fenestration industry. She will also update attendees on code change proposals to the 2015 IBC that have been submitted by AAMA, and parties other than AAMA. The process for reviewing all proposals submitted by others and developing AAMA positions on them will begin at this meeting.

Also on the agenda for the conference will be representatives from Atlas Material Testing Technology and Q-Lab, who will team up to provide an presentation covering all aspects of accelerated weathering. Topics include the benefits of accelerated weather testing, common equipment used to accelerate exposures, science and fundamentals of accelerated weathering, and correlations between accelerated testing and actual outdoor exposure.

Registration is now open for the AAMA conference, set for February 26-29.  More information is available from the AAMA website.