AAMA Gathers Soon for Summer Conference

May 25, 2010

The latest on the organization's strategic planning process and updates on recent legislative activity highlight the agenda of the upcoming summer conference of the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. Set for June 6-9, the meeting is being held at the Oak Brook Hills Marriott outside Chicago.

High attendance is anticipated at the members-only AAMA strategic planning report session. "Extensive progress has been made developing work plans and timelines in pursuit of the objectives presented at the 2010 Annual Conference in January," says Rich Walker, AAMA president and CEO. "Important updates will be shared about AAMA's future priorities and services that will add value for members."

Details will be provided about plans for future conference formats and programming, a new formalized legislative monitoring service, the new structure and procedures for establishing AAMA's code positions, and new procedures for promoting and increasing references to AAMA standards.

"Two of the conference highlights will be the status reports on the fast-breaking developments in the legislative and code arenas," Walker also reports. "It seems as though, between the EPA Lead Remodeling Rule and proposed Home Star legislation, there has been unprecedented communication with the EPA, Office of Management and Budget and various Senate and House members. In addition to the usual volume of pertinent IBC, IRC and IECC revisions, attendees will also learn of AAMA Code Working Group revisions proposed for the inaugural version of the IgCC, still another code for green construction. All these code and regulatory activities will have an enormous impact on the entire fenestration industry going forward."

The conference includes a full schedule of committees and task groups. New groups meeting at the Illinois event include an anodic finishes task group, the International Green Construction Code working group, the NFRC ratings advisory sub-committee, a secondary storm product task group and a skylight codes and regulatory affairs committee.

AAMA's green and sustainability specification development task group will also continue its work at the conference.  It will focus on reviewing the results of a second task group ballot of the proposed green products certification program criteria for R and LC class products.

Keynote speaker at the meeting is Bill Kurtis, a long-time television journalist and now documentary host and producer. He will share the story of his move from small town Kansas to lawyer, broadcaster, author, environmentalist, and now back to Kansas to lead a movement of sustainable cattle ranching that is helping to revolutionize the way food in America is viewed. As executive producer for CNBC's "American Greed" and a variety of business programs, Kurtis will offer some insights into the current economic downturn affecting all business, most especially construction.

More information about the meeting is available on the AAMA Web site.