AAMA Releases PVC Coatings Specification

August 19, 2014

The American Architectural Manufacturers Association released AAMA 663-14, “Voluntary Specification for In-Process Quality Control Requirements for Applicators of Organic Coatings to Polyvinyl Chloride Exterior Profiles," which establishes the minimum requirements for applicators of organic coatings to PVC exterior profiles that are used in windows, doors and skylights.

“This new document is important to the fenestration industry because it lets consumers know that the finish applied to their AAMA-certified windows has been done properly and in accordance with the standards AAMA intended,” said David Harris of Renolit, chair of the Third Party Finishes Certification Task Group.

“From a manufacturer’s perspective, it gives them an additional quality check from their external vendor to make sure that application process is going correctly. It provides some oversight,”said Mark Bamford (Milgard), vice chair of the task group. “This allows testing to occur at the point of application and not just at the receipt of product,” Bamford said. “It gives enhanced material quality control.”