AMD Launches Certification and Labeling Program

March 26, 2009

The Association of Millwork Distributors, which represents many exterior side-hinged door component manufacturers, pre-hangers and distributors, is rolling out a new program to offer certification and labeling services. AMD is working with the National Accreditation & Management Institute Inc.

The new direction will offer a variety of benefits for both AMD members and industry professionals alike, according to Rosalie Leone, AMD CEO. "New certification programs will be offered as they continue to be required."

"The association’s goal is to provide the most affordable and professional solutions for future requirements to members and non-members alike in its certification services," states Jeff Johnson, AMD president. "We see this as a great move for AMD opening the door to added value in the AMD certification program which will offer a wide array of services in the blink of an eye.”

Jeff Burton, AMD director of codes and standards, says he is "thrilled" with the association’s new direction, adding that "when discussing certification and labeling services with industry professionals, one name kept coming to the forefront, NAMI. They are consistently seen as the ‘go-to’ provider for their knowledge, customer service and professional demeanor. AMD and NAMI partnering together will be a large asset to the industry and AMD members.”

The new AMD program "will not only encompass doors, but also have the ability to certify windows, skylights, and building envelope products," Leone points out. "Our programs will include the structural properties (which are inclusive of air/water/structural), impact ratings and thermal or energy performance certification. Insulating glass certification will also be offered through AMD as well. Our goal is also to expand our certification services in the future as well."

AMD anticipates its certification program to launch this month.  More information on the program is available by contacting Burton at or by calling AMD at 727/372-3665.