ASTM Launches Declaration of Conformity Program

April 17, 2012

Responding to increasing requests from suppliers and their customers, ASTM International has developed the Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity program. An outgrowth of ASTM’s certification programs, the new declaration of conformity provides a new tool that enabled companies to show they are conforming to ASTM test methods, officials state

Sponsored and administered by ASTM International, the new program is available to any supplier, manufacturer, distributor or private brand owner. In a typical scenario, suppliers having products tested to ASTM test methods will register specific information regarding their products, accredited labs and the ASTM test methods, officials explain. Once accepted by ASTM, the supplier can provide the documentation or request ASTM to provide documentation to their customers.

“Quality, safety and precision are the hallmarks of ASTM test methods. Documentation supporting conformance to ASTM test methods will reinforce a supplier’s credibility as well as enhance regulatory, marketing and sales efforts,” explains Ken Pearson, senior vice president, Operations, at ASTM International.

The new ASTM program applies to ASTM test methods; it does not apply to ASTM specifications, the organization notes.  More information is available at the Supplier’s Declaration of Conformity webpage.